23-24 Atlas Soccer Jersey Away

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Product description

This jersey represents the away colors for the Atlas Fútbol Club for the 2023-2024 season. On the front, it features a striking red base with a pattern of abstract lines and shapes creating a dynamic, modern aesthetic. The club’s crest is proudly displayed on the left chest, with the manufacturer’s logo opposite on the right. The shirt is adorned with multiple sponsor logos, including a large one in the center, adding to its authentic match-day design.

Turning to the back, the jersey maintains the same vibrant red and intricate pattern. Sponsor logos are also present here, ensuring visibility and brand presence. At the top, you can see additional sponsor names, and towards the bottom, there is a significant logo, completing the professional look of the kit.

This kit combines the traditional colors and crest of Atlas FC with the contemporary design elements and sponsorship that are typical in modern football. It’s a jersey that reflects both the heritage of the club and the evolving nature of the game.

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