23-24 Bahia Soccer Jersey Second Away

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Product description

The images show the 2023-2024 second away jersey for Esporte Clube Bahia. The jersey sports a serene light blue color, providing a refreshing and distinctive look away from their traditional home colors. The front of the jersey bears the club’s crest on the left chest, proudly displaying the team’s emblem. The manufacturer’s logo is placed on the right chest, both of which are neatly presented against the light blue backdrop.

The jersey features a subtle wave pattern throughout, which may symbolize the club’s connection to the coastal city of Salvador in Bahia, Brazil. The v-neck collar and sleeve trim incorporate the colors of the Bahia state flag, adding a touch of local pride to the design.

On the back of the jersey, the design remains clean and simple, continuing the wave pattern and light blue color. The collar carries the state flag’s colors to the back, and just below the neckline, there’s a label that likely signifies the club’s motto or a commemorative message.

This second away jersey is not only functional for players on the field but also serves as a symbol of the club’s identity and connection to its roots. It embodies a blend of modern aesthetics and homage to the club’s heritage, designed to be worn with pride by players and supporters alike.

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