23/24 Cagliari Calcio Soccer Jersey Second Away

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Product description

The 2023-2024 Cagliari Calcio Second Away jersey is a stylish and modern representation of the club’s identity, tailored to reflect the team’s ambitions and Sardinian heritage. The jersey is predominantly navy blue, exuding a sense of elegance and strength, typical of the club’s away kits.

On the front, the jersey features a collection of sponsor logos that align with the club’s commercial partnerships. At the top, the manufacturer’s logo and the club’s crest are centrally aligned, signifying a balanced and focused approach. Below this, the words “SARDEGNA ISOLA dell’Artigianato” are printed, celebrating the island’s rich tradition of craftsmanship. The main sponsor, “MOBY,” is featured prominently in the center, its white whale logo against a dark background ensuring stand-out visibility.

The jersey’s sleeves are cuffed with a vivid red trim, adding a contrasting pop of color that draws attention to the players’ movements on the pitch. This detail is carried over to the sides, emphasizing dynamism and agility.

Turning to the back, the design is minimalist, with the lower half carrying the beer brand “Ichnusa,” an iconic Sardinian label, indicating local pride and association. The top of the back features a personalization space for the player’s name, with the shoulders trimmed in the same red as the sleeve cuffs, maintaining design consistency.

This Second Away jersey from Cagliari Calcio encapsulates a modern aesthetic while paying homage to the cultural roots of Sardinia. It’s a kit that not only serves the practical needs of the players on the field but also acts as a symbol of regional pride for fans around the world.

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