23-24 Las Palmas Soccer Jersey Home

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The 2023-2024 UD Las Palmas home jersey radiates with a bright yellow, embodying the vibrancy and warmth of the Canary Islands. The front features a classic design with the Hummel chevrons on the sleeves, showcasing the manufacturer’s signature style. The club’s crest is proudly placed on the left chest, with the “Gran Canaria” sponsor logo centered below. Blue accents are noticeable on the collar and the sleeve edges, providing a striking contrast to the yellow.

On the back, the jersey maintains its sunny yellow hue, perfect for displaying player names and numbers. The upper portion carries the “DISA” logo, while the lower back features the “IOC Clinica Dental” sponsor. The simplicity of the back design ensures that the lettering stands out clearly against the jersey’s backdrop. This kit captures the essence of Las Palmas, blending the club’s traditional colors with modern design elements, creating a look that’s sure to be popular with fans.

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