23-24 Manchester United Soccer Jersey Second Away

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Product description

The images display the 2023-2024 Manchester United Soccer Jersey Second Away kit. This jersey is part of the kit collection for the famed Manchester United Football Club, based in Manchester, England, known for its significant impact on global football.

The front of the jersey is primarily white with the club’s emblem on the left chest and the Adidas logo on the right, both adorned in a rich burgundy color that is part of the club’s color identity. The central sponsor, ‘TeamViewer’, is prominently placed in the middle of the jersey. The design features subtle detailing on the fabric, and the collar and sleeve trim include hints of burgundy, consistent with the club’s colors.

On the back of the jersey, it remains predominantly white with a clean design. The sponsor’s logo, ‘Kohler’, is featured on the left sleeve, also in burgundy. The jersey does not display a player’s name or number, allowing for a fan-customizable space. The collar’s inner detail likely carries a pattern or text significant to the club’s heritage.

This second away jersey for Manchester United is designed with a modern and clean aesthetic, offering a sleek alternative for players and fans alike. Displayed on a hanger within a metal frame, the jersey is presented in a manner that highlights its design and association with one of the most celebrated football clubs in the world.

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