23-24 Atletico Nacional Soccer Jersey Home

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Product description

The 2023-2024 Atletico Nacional soccer jersey features a home design that is instantly recognizable for its iconic green and white color scheme. The front of the jersey showcases bold vertical stripes, alternating between the team’s signature green and a crisp white. The top left corner bears the club’s emblem, a badge of honor for supporters and players alike, while the opposite side is adorned with the Nike swoosh, symbolizing the jersey’s quality and design excellence.

The central feature of the front is the sponsor’s logo, “POSTOBON,” prominently displayed in large, black lettering with a distinctive smiling face beneath it, adding a friendly and approachable element to the shirt. The design maintains a clean aesthetic, with the base colors and sponsor logo taking center stage.

Flipping to the back, the jersey continues the theme of clean lines and bold colors. The top features another sponsor’s logo, “BetPlay,” marked in sleek black lettering. The back design is simpler, with white dominating the upper half, transitioning to solid green at the lower end through a horizontal divide, which may serve to highlight the player’s name and number when added.

Both the front and back designs exemplify a modern take on the club’s traditional colors, providing fans with a jersey that honors the team’s heritage while embracing a contemporary look for the season.

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