23/24 Sevilla Soccer Jersey Second Away

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Product description

The 2023-2024 second away jersey for Sevilla FC is a bold fashion statement that captures the team’s dynamic presence. It features a sleek black base embellished with an arresting pattern of blue shards, creating a visual effect of splintering ice or breaking glass that signifies breaking through barriers and shattering expectations.

On the front, the jersey proudly displays the Sevilla FC crest, accompanied by the emblem of the kit manufacturer. The main sponsor’s logo is positioned centrally in a way that meshes seamlessly with the jersey’s assertive design. A touch of pink along the sleeve edges and the collar adds a vibrant pop of color, providing a striking contrast against the darker tones.

The reverse side of the jersey continues with the same sharp and edgy pattern. The black backdrop ensures any player numbering or names added will stand out, with the design offering a contemporary backdrop that complements the front.

This second away jersey is more than just sportswear; it is a symbol of Sevilla FC’s innovative spirit and ambition. It is crafted for fans who appreciate the club’s modern approach and are looking to wear something that stands out with confidence, reflecting the fearless character of the team.

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