23-24 Sporting Lisbon Soccer Jersey Second Away 7#RONALDO

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Product description

The image provided showcases the back of the 2023-2024 second away jersey for Sporting Lisbon, featuring the name “RONALDO” above the number 7, which is a nod to the legendary Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. The jersey maintains a stylish and sleek design with a black base color, complemented by gold accents that highlight the player’s name and number, adding a premium feel.

The upper part of the jersey continues the black and gold theme with the sponsor “SUPER BOCK” displayed in bold gold lettering. The jersey also features a gold stripe across the shoulders and down the sleeves, consistent with the front design. This design choice is both modern and reflective of the club’s rich history and the iconic status of the player it represents.

The presentation of the jersey on a hanger against a geometric metal grid background adds to the professional and prestigious atmosphere surrounding this sporting gear. It’s designed to appeal to fans who appreciate the legacy of Cristiano Ronaldo at Sporting Lisbon and those who follow the team’s current endeavors.

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