23-24 Sporting Lisbon Soccer Jersey Second Away

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Product description

The images provided are of the 2023-2024 season second away jersey for Sporting Lisbon, a prominent Portuguese football club. The front of the jersey features a black base color with a gold stripe across the shoulders and sleeves, giving it a sleek and stylish look. The club’s crest is prominently displayed on the left chest area, while the right chest area sports the initials “CR7”, likely signifying the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who is associated with the number 7 and has a historical connection to the club. The jersey is sponsored by “BETANO”, whose logo is in gold in the center.

The back of the jersey continues the black and gold color scheme, with the top featuring a simple but elegant design with the “SUPER BOCK” sponsorship in bold gold lettering across the shoulders, which is a well-known beer brand in Portugal. Below the sponsor’s name is a symbol, possibly the kit manufacturer’s logo. The jersey’s design is modern yet holds a sense of tradition, reflecting the club’s colors and heritage with a contemporary twist.

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