23-24 Tenerife Soccer Jersey Away

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Product description

The 2023-2024 Tenerife Soccer Jersey Away showcases a bold and modern design. The front features a striking geometric pattern with a central chevron in varying shades of blue, reflecting the team’s vibrant identity. Emblazoned across the chest is the sponsor’s logo, “Tenerife,” followed by the evocative tagline “despierta emociones,” which translates to “awakens emotions.” Above this, the manufacturer’s logo sits on the right, and the club’s crest is proudly displayed on the left, close to the heart. The jersey’s technical fabric is highlighted by the “BEECOOL” insignia at the lower left, indicating the use of advanced materials designed for athletic performance.

Turning to the back, the jersey is predominantly navy blue, providing a clean, classic backdrop that emphasizes the player’s name and number when in play. Near the lower hem, the “Islas Canarias” logo adds a regional touch, promoting the Canary Islands with the motto “LATITUD DE VIDA,” which means “latitude of life.” The white piping around the collar and sleeves adds a crisp finish to the jersey’s edges, while the upper back features the same sponsor patches found on the front.

This jersey is a blend of functionality and regional pride, making it a notable piece of sports apparel for fans and players alike.

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