23-24 UD Almería Soccer Jersey Home

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Product description

The 23-24 UD Almería Soccer Jersey Home is a classic design that stays true to the club’s traditional colors. The front of the jersey features bold red and white vertical stripes, a timeless pattern that is synonymous with many historic football kits. The club’s crest is displayed on the left side of the chest, with the manufacturer’s logo, Castore, on the right. In the center, the sponsor ‘finetwork’ is prominently placed against the striped background.

The back of the jersey is primarily red, with the continuation of the white stripes at the bottom, ensuring that player names and numbers will be clearly visible when added. The simplicity of the design on the back provides a stark contrast to the busier front, giving the jersey a balanced aesthetic. This jersey melds the heritage of UD Almería with a contemporary fit and feel, suitable for performance on the pitch and appeal to the fans.

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