23/24 Vasco da Gama Soccer Jersey Second Away

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Product description

The 2023-2024 Vasco da Gama Second Away Soccer Jersey presents a classic and elegant design, celebrating the rich history of one of Brazil’s most storied football clubs. The jersey is primarily black, offering a sleek and formal appearance, reminiscent of a polo shirt, which is a nod to the club’s tradition.

On the front, the jersey features the iconic Kappa logo on the right chest in gold, which complements the club’s crest on the left, proudly displaying the date range “1923 – 2023” to mark the club’s centenary. The main sponsor ‘BMG’ is centrally placed in a clean white font, standing out against the black background. A unique detail is the phrase “Vasco da Gama – The Giant Returns” subtly positioned on the front, reinforcing the club’s heritage and resurgence.

The collar is designed in a contrasting white, giving it a distinguished look, with a black stripe underneath that adds depth to the design. The sleeves are finished with a white and gold band that provides a sophisticated touch.

Turning to the back, the jersey maintains the simplicity of the front with a clean black canvas, ideal for showcasing player names and numbers in a contrasting color. The upper back features the same golden detailing found on the front, with the continuation of the club’s centenary celebration.

Constructed with materials that ensure comfort and performance, the jersey is well-suited for the players on the pitch and the fans who support the team with passion. This second away kit for Vasco da Gama is not only a piece of sportswear but also a tribute to the club’s legacy and its vision for the future.

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