Player Corinthians all sponsors Soccer Jersey

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Product description

This is the Corinthians All Sponsors Soccer Jersey, showcasing a bold design for the renowned Brazilian football club, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista. The jersey features a black base with contrasting vertical pinstripes, giving it a classic yet contemporary look.

On the front, the jersey proudly displays the Corinthians club badge on the right side of the chest, with the Nike swoosh logo opposite it. It also features multiple sponsor logos such as “BMG,” “ALE,” and “Neo Química,” prominently placed for visibility. The phrase “Vitaminas Neo Química” is featured in the center, indicating a significant partnership with the health and wellness brand.

The back of the jersey continues the striking black and grey theme, with the “BMG” logo at the top and the “Universo SCCP” logo below, which likely refers to the club’s app or digital platform, encouraging fans to engage with the club digitally. The lower back features the logo of “SPANI ATACADISTA,” a wholesale retailer, suggesting a key commercial partnership.

This jersey is a stylish piece of sportswear, integrating the club’s identity with the commercial support it enjoys. It is designed to be worn by players on the pitch and is equally popular with fans who support the club passionately.

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