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This is the Remo All Sponsors Soccer Jersey, which showcases the branding of the Brazilian football club Clube do Remo. The jersey is designed in a dark navy color, providing a sophisticated backdrop for the various sponsor logos.

On the front side, you can see a multitude of sponsor names and logos, such as “GAV Resorts,” “Banpará,” “betnacional,” and “Zimor,” among others, arranged in a visually balanced manner around the club’s crest, which is prominently placed in the center. The crest’s design features an anchor, paying homage to the club’s nautical roots, and is flanked by the letters “CR,” standing for Clube do Remo.

Flipping to the back side, the jersey continues with the same navy color and displays the “Banpará” logo at the top, with “ENERGICLIN” below it, which appears to be a vitamin and mineral supplement. Other sponsors such as “SAMAZ,” “Unimed,” and the intriguing “INVIOLÁVEL” (which translates to “Inviolable” in English, suggesting a security service) are also showcased. The sleeves are accented with a contrasting white band that carries the sponsor “RENAFARMA” on one side.

The jersey’s design is a testament to the support the club receives from various regional and national companies, while also being a stylish item for fans to wear. It’s a modern representation of the club’s identity and commercial partnerships.

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